25 TEXANS IN THE LAND OF LINCOLN – Directed by Ellen Brodsky

32 minutes

A quest of 25 history students from Texas who drive 2000 miles to Springfield, IL asking to repatriate General Santa Anna’s prosthetic leg.


THE BEST WAY IS BY HAND – Directed by Cathleen O’Connell

8 minutes

 A day in the life of a seventh-generation cobbler from Waltham, MA and what the future holds for his ‘soleful’ craft.


DEAR GEORGINA – Directed by Adam Mazo, Ben Pender-Cudlip

15 minutes

A Passamaquoddy elder journeys into an unclear past to better understand herself and her cultural heritage.


LOST AND FOUND – Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel

22 minutes

An Academy Award-winning director follows a Rohingya refugee dedicating his life to reuniting children with their parents in the world’s largest refugee camp.


MEMORY VIDEO – Directed by Roy Power

9 minutes

 An optimistic video store owner tries to keep the experience alive amidst the rising popularity of streaming.


Guests: Directors Cathleen O’Connell, Roy Power, Adam Mazo, Ben Pender-Cudlip, Editor Peter Rhodes

Moderator: Peter Keough, film critic, Boston Globe correspondent


Sunday, October 6


Brattle Theatre

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85 minutes

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